Autistic Outrage – Why is the Autistic Community so upset?

This is a question I get fairly often in relation to all the various autism related tags on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.  – “Why is the autistic community so upset?”

Because almost all of the media representation of autism comes from people who aren’t even autistic. Autistics ARE speaking. Are YOU listening?



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11 thoughts on “Autistic Outrage – Why is the Autistic Community so upset?

  1. This should come as no surprise. It is everywhere in every corner, from autism, to women, to the disease, death and dying industry. It is killing our planet and ruining lives. Everyone is an expert living in ignorance. No one is interested in the Truth.

    The hippie movement is only known by its lesser qualities, but getting people to become aware, self-aware, and enlightened is what it was really about. This was the beautiful seeking of my youth — I was there, I payed attention, I snooped and I was horrified at the realities of “big brother” and what he was up to. Seeing this with my own eyes changed my life completely.

  2. It was one thing for me to grow up without knowing anything other than I was different and had to do everything I could to “fit in.” It was something else entirely raising our son and running into all the “experts.” He and I are both mild Aspies. The really sad (and terrifying) thing is that not one single expert was willing to listen to either of us and simply told us what the prescribed agenda was for people like us. The push to put our son on narcotics was getting quite strong. The person doing the pushing was a therapist with an autistic son who was on the same drugs. (From our perspective this wasn’t even an option.) Again, as an Aspie myself I couldn’t believe what we were experiencing. There’s also additional frustration when simply trying to share my life experience with parents of autistic children – when they ask for advice – but they only listen to other parents who are neuro typical. It’s like my being an Aspie parent of an Aspie doesn’t count. It’s really, really sad.

  3. I LOVE your posts. You’re an amazing individual and I’m grateful that you stand up to be heard, for yourself and others like us that don’t fit into society’s tiny grey boxes. Peace. 🙂

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