Let’s Talk About Naked Faces

I used to be afraid of showing my naked face in public. This week I do a video without makeup and talk about how posting this video is one of the ways I’m facing my fears in 2018.

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  1. I think that the chemicals in makeup are also a problem for women, so there are many reasons to go without! I rarely wear makeup, but I almost always do my hair because it is so flat otherwise. I used to always wear makeup, but set it aside when I just didn’t have time any more. My husband says he likes me better without makeup, which is a plus!

  2. In my 68 years on this planet, I have yet to see anyone who looks better in make-up. I don’t know if it’s just me, but women with make-up on either look like they are wearing a mask, or look “doll-like”. I much prefer a natural face. Your photo simply confirms my perception 😊

  3. This could’ve been written/posted by me.

    I’ve not dared to step out in public without some form of make up since I was 12 years old, not sure if it’s a form of body dysmorphia or intensive social conditioning (or both) but for me going make up free would be literally like going naked and I really like this new wave of women such as yourself ditching the make up and going proudly bare-face!

    I wouldn’t even personally need to be told I still look “pretty” or anything without it, just would like for it to be a world in which this kind of thing wouldn’t even need to be remarked upon. The more time goes on the more bizarre it is that women “have” to wear make up as a matter of course rather than just for fun.

    1. One comment visitors to Aotearoa New Zealand often make is we have no pride in our personal appearance. I see comments such as “they even go barefoot in supermarkets and women don’t wear make-up.” In actual fact it’s not a lack of pride, but an alternative way of evaluating what is important. Skin care is very important, due to the harshness of our sun, but most women don’t wear make-up every day. They reserve it for special occasions.

      Personally, I’d prefer they didn’t wear make-up at all, as I’m usually unable to recognise who is behind the “mask”.

  4. I always resented “having” to wear makeup in order to not feel like others were judging me for not being “put together” enough to give them a good impression of me. Same for the hair. Expensive, time consuming, stressful, and oppressive. But I still cover up my zits.

  5. Make-up at its best can be so much fun, a creative outlet that’s closer to art than anything else. Oh how I wish that it could just be that! But this urge we have to hide, to cover up, to shame away features we don’t like, it can so completely take the goodness out of it.

    My own relationship with make-up is a little different from most that I hear. I rarely use it myself – for all the wrong reasons. I simply am so deeply entrenched in the feeling of being ugly, that make-up doesn’t do me much good. Can’t polish a turd, and all that. I know it’s ridiculous, but that’s how I feel.

    Which means that the few times that I do wear make-up, it’s when I actually feel alright. When I’m confident enough to have a bit of artistic fun. So in a weird way, make-up to me personally isn’t really a mask to cover up with, but quite the opposite. Strange, isn’t it?

  6. Not so much now I’m older but when I was younger I definitely got treated better when wearing makeup. These days I tend just to wear lipstick but I can’t always be bothered. So if I wear any I’m definitely doing it for myself.

  7. Brave lady! I always wear make-up. It provides a barrier between me and the world. I even put my make up on to put the bins out! Naked face for me is leaving off the eye-liner.

  8. I’ve never worn makeup…for me I feel like I just look silly, like a kid playing dress up or something! I wish a lot more girls would be as brave as you and try to go makeup free for at least a day!

  9. I have never worn make-up on a regular basis, pretty much only for interviews and weddings, and then only eye shadow and lipstick. Don’t like the way it feels or what it does to my skin. Several years ago I developed an allergy to ?, and have not been able to use any kind of chap stick, lip balm, or lip stick since. I do like to wear glitter eye shadow for fun, does that count?! No make-up is definitely the better way to go. It’s a lot easier, takes no prep time, and is a lot less expensive too!

  10. Makeup has been a crutch for me, for years, and I am really trying to get to the point where I too, can feel comfortable without it. I have experienced the same rudeness in the past when I chose not to wear it, are you sick? tired? It is a really crappy feeling. The thing I hate the most right now is not feeling comfortable and confident enough to go exercise at the Y without it. I know how terrible it is to wear when I should be letting my skin breath and try to tell myself, who cares?, but I’ve yet to be able to. Makeup makes me upset because it feels like a need and no longer is fun or just a once in awhile thing. I hope I can get to that point and feel good in my natural skin soon😊. I really enjoy your blog! 💕🌻☯️~Anne

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