Let’s Talk – Social Anxiety

Social anxiety can be debilitating but it doesn’t have to be. This week I share my personal experience.


14 thoughts on “Let’s Talk – Social Anxiety

  1. Hi, Thanks for sharing. Social anxiety is so complex, but it can be managed and I’m happy to hear you’re sharing your story in order to help others. I’ve had social anxiety since elementary school and I just began understanding its origins and beginning my healing process. I look forward to more blog posts 😀

  2. Thank so much for sharing this and helping others. I have social anxiety too and for me writing really helps me to reach out to people in ways i couldn’t do face to face. Again thank you for talking about social anxiety

  3. I’ve had social anxiety since I was about two or three years old but only realised this since I started my blog last August. I’m 57, so I’ve had it a very long time..
    Thanks for talking about it and I shall be interested in how you get along with your goal. It’s a great goal to work towards 🙂

  4. Thank you for the like. Well, some of us are better with coping with problems. And it’s good that you found some relief. It’s hard to find a good doctor, but when you do, don’t change. Medicines aren’t always good. And sometimes, we need some good old fashion soul searching with someone who can really help. Well, that’s all for now and in the meantime HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  5. Thanks for sharing, I’m so glad I’m not the only one. It’d be great if some of you could check out my blog and follow me as I talk about mental disorders and my social anxiety. Hope you can give me some tips on how to control it.

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