Bedtime Stories – In My Pajamas

I love reading and I owe it all to the adults who took the time to read me bedtime stories. So I do this video in my unicorn onesie.

8 thoughts on “Bedtime Stories – In My Pajamas

  1. Lovely video. Reading is magical.

    I learned to read at a very young age too (though perhaps not before I could speak!). I sometimes wonder if that’s why writing and speech are closely related for me: I often picture words in my head when I speak or listen to others, and I hear words (or even say them out loud) as I read or write. Do you have similar experiences?

  2. So, funny story about reading at a young age:

    My mom and a friend of hers at the time were both expecting their first child at the same time, but her friend was a few months behind. When that kid and I were young, Mom would tell the other mom things like I’m teething now, so your son will start teething soon… I’m crawling now, so your son will start crawling soon… A few years later, they hadn’t seen each other much for a while, and ny them I was about 3, and Mom told the other mom how I was reading and doing basic addition and subtraction… Apparently Mom found out later that the other mom got really worried about that conversation and started worrying that there was something wrong with her son, because he wasn’t reading or adding at 3 yet.

  3. Lol, the unicorn pajamas are cute and tie in well with the theme of reading at a young age. My parents didn’t read to me much as a kid, but they took me to the library often, and I think it’s because of them that I love reading today.

  4. My parents read to me on very rare occasions but my best friends loved reading and when I was a teen I fell in love with Stephen King. I could never put his books down and eventually I moved on to other things but I owe my love of reading to Mr King and to whoever it was who put their collection up for sale for me to discover!

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