Let’s Talk – I’m a Mess

Everyone struggles in different areas. That is just part of being human. This week’s video talks about some of the reasons I’m a mess.

4 thoughts on “Let’s Talk – I’m a Mess

  1. Glad I’m not the only one…lol. Yes, putting things in a ‘safe place’. Not a good idea. We need a ‘safe place’ log book that is tied down like my computer password book. Now, if we could only remember to write things in it…

    Just lost my keys too. Actually, my Aspie son used them and left them in the ignition of our truck for a few days. I asked him if he knew where they were…he answered no, even though I kept going on and on about how I’d lost my keys and how could I have done that?
    After I found them he remembered he was the culprit.

    I often have a selection of random bruises and scrapes and usually have no recollection of how I got them. My many autopilot moments.

  2. I thought you were cool at first but now you kind of seem like a normal person. I understand this would/could be construed as aggression and I haven’t really planned out a response for that but in any case you should take care of your image more: it’s kind of harmful. Again, an innocent statement bastardized by society and it’s completely my fault. Well in any case. So it goes unspoken.

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