Autistic Sexuality – My Personal Experience

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‘I can’t believe I’m doing this. . . In Honor of Pride – I’m talking about my sexuality. No turning back now – This week’s video I talk about my personal experience with sexuality.


If you enjoyed this video please check out part one talking about my gender experience HERE.



13 thoughts on “Autistic Sexuality – My Personal Experience

  1. I’m not sure if this is an autistic perspective, I really don’t know, but to me I feel your talk could have come from any perspective autistic or not. And as I said on YouTube, the worst thing is not having the chance to date others, to spend most of life in loneliness, which turns into desolation.

  2. I was just going to write that silly sentence about “Just pick a gender..” about bisexuality, when you mentioned it in the video. 😅 I really enjoyed watching this video.

  3. Asexual always, never looking to hook up, always looking for intellectual/emotional connections. Growing up in the sixties, this was a real puzzler for guys looking to honor me with my first kiss, get married, have kids, or hump me and dump me; women friends wanting to talk about sex and boyfriends and makeup and hair and nails and shoes. I just thought that was all a big bore compared to my visons of a music career as a string player, my art, and love of Nature and animals. After puberty, there was this split off to separate directions that was a bit frightening and depressing, as other people tried to figure out what my problem was! I realize now am on “the autistic spectrum” as I think a fair number of asexuals are. Different focus. My wish was that I could have friendship and sharing, exchange of ideas without the pressure of a sexual relationship. Thank you for your site–you are doing a great thing providing this forum!

  4. Sounds like me. 😹
    I identify as pansexual now, i fall in love with souls, not bodys.
    A few weeks ago, i talked to other autistics about neuro diversity and sexual preferences. And your question on top of this post, reflects it a bitbit. Is there a study in this sector or is it still terra incognito?

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