Autistic Sexuality – My Personal Experience

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‘I can’t believe I’m doing this. . . In Honor of Pride – I’m talking about my sexuality. No turning back now – This week’s video I talk about my personal experience with sexuality.


If you enjoyed this video please check out part one talking about my gender experience HERE.



13 thoughts on “Autistic Sexuality – My Personal Experience

  1. I’m not sure if this is an autistic perspective, I really don’t know, but to me I feel your talk could have come from any perspective autistic or not. And as I said on YouTube, the worst thing is not having the chance to date others, to spend most of life in loneliness, which turns into desolation.


  2. Asexual always, never looking to hook up, always looking for intellectual/emotional connections. Growing up in the sixties, this was a real puzzler for guys looking to honor me with my first kiss, get married, have kids, or hump me and dump me; women friends wanting to talk about sex and boyfriends and makeup and hair and nails and shoes. I just thought that was all a big bore compared to my visons of a music career as a string player, my art, and love of Nature and animals. After puberty, there was this split off to separate directions that was a bit frightening and depressing, as other people tried to figure out what my problem was! I realize now am on “the autistic spectrum” as I think a fair number of asexuals are. Different focus. My wish was that I could have friendship and sharing, exchange of ideas without the pressure of a sexual relationship. Thank you for your site–you are doing a great thing providing this forum!

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  3. Sounds like me. 😹
    I identify as pansexual now, i fall in love with souls, not bodys.
    A few weeks ago, i talked to other autistics about neuro diversity and sexual preferences. And your question on top of this post, reflects it a bitbit. Is there a study in this sector or is it still terra incognito?


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