An Autistic Perspective on Gender – My Personal Experience

Pride month and all the amazing LGBTQIA documentaries have me really inspired.


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This week I talk about my personal experience with gender. Coming soon a video talking about sexuality.



Check out PART TWO talking about my sexuality.

5 thoughts on “An Autistic Perspective on Gender – My Personal Experience

  1. “So, I learned girl world”… brilliant!

    Talking about girls being mean, your grandma probably just tried to help with the “elbow licking/kissing” thing, but how painful what adults say to kids to “help” them. Can’t blame the grown-ups sometimes, hey.

    About your bright colored hair or even people’s bright colored personalities, I am not a bright colored person and I like to rather be a “grey mouse” hidden away due to so much pain in my life and trying to find myself again after my life got upside down… But I know this amazing artist who sings about serious stuff, but wrapped-up in soft tones for the listener to hear the message, while she is as bright as can be. The wonderful Gabby Young. She currently has blue hair, but this is her “trademark”.

    Or the epic kick-ass P!nk speech after her daughter seemed confused about her own look:

    It is great that you and others bring so much needed color into this world. I certainly need it.

  2. I am NT but I’d never claim to be “normal”😂 My feelings about my gender are the same. My body is genetically female but I’ve never felt really “girly”. Maybe a little empowerment when I was pregnant because I was “creating life”. I’ve always had more guy friends too because I hate all the “Mean Girl” drama. I wear whatever is comfortable. It might be a long, flowy skirt or it might be jeans and a flannel button down. Like you, I’m just me.
    I’m really glad that gender roles are becoming more flexible and fluid. We are all just humans and it’s our souls/spirits/essences (whatever) that are important, not the body it moves around in.

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