You Can’t Be Autistic Because. . . You Wear Makeup

There is a rumor that autistic people can’t or don’t wear makeup.

3 thoughts on “You Can’t Be Autistic Because. . . You Wear Makeup

  1. Oy. Who comes up with these things? I think people try way too hard to justify the “normalcy” of their own little worlds. Easier to live in the proverbial bubble, I suppose, if nobody pops it.

  2. Hell, I’m autistic and male both. Guess what? I wear makeup! Well, when I have the energy to do it anyway. I consider it a form of self-expression right along with my tattoos, piercings, short shorts/“Davy” Dukes etc.

    I don’t see why being autistic would preclude me from any of that.

  3. My therapist told me that I wasn’t autistic because I was able to go to school…by the way, my daughter has autism and is in general education right now. She works her little butt off to keep up and keep her head above water socially, but, she is autistic AND goes to school (public school general education).

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