#ActuallyAutistic #AskingAutistics - what is the one thing you Wish you had known when you first discovered you were autistic? 

Autistics Wish They Had Known -#ActuallyAutistic Conversations on Twitter


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#ActuallyAutistic #AskingAutistics – what is the ONE THING you wish you had known when you first discovered you were autistic?

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3 thoughts on “Autistics Wish They Had Known -#ActuallyAutistic Conversations on Twitter

  1. I’m not on Twitter, but I did want to respond to one of the Tweets on the thread about sensory issues around touch. Sometimes I do experience touch as pain, but more often it’s like what’s described in the Tweet, often after what feels like an explosion of fireworks in my brain.

    You know the sensation when someone suddenly turns on really loud music, or when you’re standing right next to a bus when it blows its horn, or if you happen to be under a fire alarm right when it goes off? That’s what it feels like. Every time. And then the echoes start….

    I’m self-diagnosed, and didn’t figure out that I was autistic until my late 40s. I wish I had known that this kind of thing is just … normal when you’re autistic. My sensory issues weren’t me trying to be “weird” or “difficult”: my brain just doesn’t process stuff the way an NT brain does.

  2. I kinda wish I knew that not everyone is going to be happy about it. I was super happy when I finally got diagnosed. And I’m always super excited to tell people. But people aren’t happy about it, and sometimes they’re a little nasty about it, even if they’re usually nice people. Maybe I wouldn’t be so impulsive about telling people if I knew that they don’t think autism is a good thing.

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