I Give Up – Why I Quit Keto

I Give Up – Why I quit, after over a year on the Keto diet. #keto #diet #ketodiet


2 thoughts on “I Give Up – Why I Quit Keto

  1. I get why you quit Keto. I don’t know what your health issues are. I am diabetic so for me it works. Yes its hard for me but my A1cs are always 5 tops 6. I think if you are in my situation its a totally different story. I am doing the intermittent fasting instead of the keto. I do stay away from WHITE… no rice no bread no pasta no corn as corn is basically sugar as are peas but any other veggie I do it. . OH> wait. no potatoes. I LOVE POTATOES. lol. Your talk about the sweets makes me SO want a nice banana split. 😀

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