Divergent Minds by Jenara Nerenberg – Neurodivergent Book Reviews

90414132_252799805749092_7577072692470218752_nA fresh look at the neurodivergent spectrum and a pleasant (and much needed) departure from the pathology often placed upon autistic and other neurodivergent experiences.

I found myself nodding along in agreement, as I quickly devoured this page-turner, filled with relatable experiences, familiar truths, life lessons, and actionable takeaways for sensory humans wanting to live a more fulfilling life.

A timely and essential read for women who struggle in our modern world, but aren’t sure why, Jenara Nerenberg shines a much-needed light on women with sensory processing differences, autism, ADHD, synesthesia, or who identify as highly sensitive, and are often overlooked. Divergent Minds explores the lives and experiences, sharing true stories of women with various processing and thinking style differences.

Connect with Jenara Nerenberg on social media:

Instagram: @neurodiversityproject

Twitter: @bopsource

Facebook: @neurodiversityproject

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