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The Missing Generations of Autistic People

I am part of what is sometimes known as a “missing generation” of Autistic/NeuroDivergent People.

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The missing generation is Autistic/NeuroDivergent adults, typically growing up in the 1990’s (or earlier) who were missed, not discovered to be NeuroDivergent as children (due to a multitude of factors).

These Autistic People grew up during that time when understanding and autism awareness was limited, leaving multiple generations of Autistic People who were undiscovered, or missed.

Fast forward to the year 2006, when the American academy of pediatrics would finally starting to recommend screening all children for autism in pediatric visits at 18 and 24 months. Which is great, however, Autistics born after 2005 (the year I graduated high school) would miss out on the assessments.

I’m going to be 36 next week, and was already a legal adult when they started theses childhood screenings, which are great for future generations, but did NOTHING for Autistics like me and the many others who were missed or ignored (completely) by the American medical system.

Many of us have spent the majority of our lives not knowing we had brains that differed from that of the people around us. We were expected to cope, and people were seldom lenient on us, often pushing us to “try harder” and accusing os of not applying ourselves, even when we were trying our very best.

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One thought on “The Missing Generations of Autistic People

  1. Sharing information about autism is so important to help these overlooked people. The autistic person in my family was diagnosed as a young adult. So many people go even longer without answers or support. It’s wonderful how much information you share to help others.

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