Sick Days – When Self Compassion is Not Optional 

Ever have one of those days when you are so sick even making your way down the stairs is a questionable task? These are the days when your body forces you to be mindful. It will let you ignore it no longer.

I don’t enjoy being sick that is why I’m changing to a radical new diet. Days like today, when basic tasks feel impossible, having self-compassion is more important than ever.

Be kind to your body. If you need to rest then allow yourself the time you need. It’s easy for us to get into a habit of pushing.

We push until we break down but remember – we’ve only got one body.

12 thoughts on “Sick Days – When Self Compassion is Not Optional 

  1. You for some reason it’s so hard to be kind to yourself.. but your right we must treat this body the best we can..

  2. I’ve had those times. I remember once in India, vomiting into the toilet when I lost control & had diarrhea all over myself. Tmi! Sorry. lol. I started crying. Bodily revolt!

  3. It is very easy as a mother to “suck it up” until you have nothing left. I’m trying to do better at my kids seeing me work on self care. I don’t want them doing that when they become parents. Life is a one shit deal.

  4. Ivets had quite a trying few weeks, with lots of stress and heightened anxiety. I was and am so exhausted. I desperately wanted to call in sick just to rest and escape the rat-run and not have to put my mask/face on and face people. I didn’t though, because I work in care and I care deeply! The guilt of calling in sick when I don’t have any kind of physical symptomology (like flu, stomach bug, etc) would leave me feeling massively guilty and ashamed and would only add to my already stressed state of mind!

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