An Autistic Stimming – Why ANYTHING Can be a Stim Tool



Continuing in my stimming series, stimming with regular, everyday objects. Because, before I was diagnosed autistic, I didn’t have stim tools or “stim toys.” I mostly would just pick up things and naturally stim with them.

So, this is a phone cord that I have made into a loop. Look! A primitive fidget spinner! Or like, if I would have a necklace, I might do something like this with the jewelry, just very naturally.

I do a lot of things with my hands. Jewelry – anything with jewelry. Just, anything I naturally find around me, my hands will just pick up and automatically turn into a stim because I’m just naturally always in motion, unless I’m fighting myself to stop. Everything … anything … can be a stim toy. Seriously.

Let me know. Do you pick up random objects and stim with them? Just anything and everything? I do. Let me know in the comments below what are you favourite household objects to stim with?

I’ll talk to you guys next week. Bye!




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8 thoughts on “An Autistic Stimming – Why ANYTHING Can be a Stim Tool

  1. probable ND here, I’ll run my hands over a zipper, play with or drop a chain necklace onto a palm or one very hidden one I found i like a lot (for it’s undetectable’ness) is to feel the smoothness of a particular tooth with my tongue or a fingernail with another finger. I don’t know if leg bouncing ‘counts’ but I used to do that on and off for a while, well into my twenties though that one mostly dropped away at some point.

  2. My hair. I’m male and it’s something I tend to supress (sub-consciously after 30 years of it) as it was picked-up upon as a kid. The teasing for which was mild (lot of brutal abuse later on, so I don’t really care about that relative to the worst as it’s understandable at least and not paranoia-inducing).
    Also OTHER PEOPLE’S BODIES. Not at random, haha! I mean when leading up to, after, or whilst having sex. Which I don’t as I’m celibate due to abuse issues and living in an anti-Male society (the Extreme Male Brain trope does actually match this logic). Despite the AS stereotypes I was flat-out GOOD at it, due to liking touch and being creative and stimulating, I guess. So I miss it. I wonder what the electro-magnetic implications of physical stimming and touch are? Another under-investigated AS scientific issue?

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