An Autistic Visually Stimming



Hi everyone!  So, I’ve been doing a series where I talk about stimming and shared some stims of mine.

This stim – I want to talk about visual stimming, and this is a stim that I have had (or this specific stim tool) since I was probably … I don’t even know.  I may have been in diapers still when I got this.

I’ve had this since I was a very small child, and it is a – well, what I call … my family called it … It was my magic dream wand, because I would sit in bed and just do this and watch the glitter fall until I was calm enough to fall asleep.  Because I was stimming and relaxing my mind at the end of the day by just watching the glitter fall.

It’s like visual ASMR, I guess.  You know how people say ASMR gives you a relaxing, pleasant sensation that helps you go to bed?  I watch slime videos and glitter videos and visual stim videos before bed, almost every day on Instagram, and it’s how I fall asleep.

Visual stimming is just something I’ve always done, and this is something I’ve had, like I said, for a very, very long time.  I love this thing, and it’s actually like, messed up on the top from me chewing on it when I was little.  “What’s up, Doc?”  That’s not what this is for.

Do you have any … have you ever had one of these?  I think a lot of us had these as kids.  Let me know if you had one too, and if you loved it as much as I love mine.  I’ll talk to you guys next time.




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4 thoughts on “An Autistic Visually Stimming

  1. I’ve recently discovered that I really enjoy watching videos of abstract painting, especially if they use a palette knife to spread and mix the paint. All the colors, the swirling and mixing, and the sound of the knife scraping against the canvas is just so relaxing and enjoyable. I even like it more than watching Bob Ross, haha, although I watch them for different reasons. One is for entertainment/joy and the other is pretty much just pure stimming.

    1. Oh! And I had a bunch of things like your wand when I was little. I think some had glitter, some were like colored liquids of different viscosities. We also had a big antique 8 hour hourglass, but I think it had a small crack or something because it would get stuck 🙁 But, I definitely used to watch all of them 🙂

  2. About stimming, I have a weird stim where I just rub my neck, basically, and look for loose hairs and rub them between my fingers. The weird thing is, I will never do that with white hairs – they have to be the color I like. I don’t know if that is also my OCD, but what I do know is that it’s stimming.

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