Autism Advocacy – The Importance of Autistic Voices



As an autistic person, I feel like, for me, my emotional response is more intense to certain situations, and people don’t always respond well to me being “overly emotional” and people expect me to get my emotions under control.  But I am feeling very, very intense emotions, so sometimes it’s not that simple.

You know, when I am happy, I am completely overjoyed happy and I flap and bounce and make little noises.  I’m really joyful.  If I get startled, you know, it may be a little thing that wouldn’t startle most people, but I am literally – my heart is jumping out of my chest, I feel like I’m going to throw up, and my body is doing this.  I’m sorry … I’m really scared, and I can’t help it.

My whole life, people called me things like “immature” and “childish” and “spaz” and all of these horrible names because of my feelings and the way I express myself and the way I move.

And so, finally having that information and knowing “you’re autistic and all of that is normal.”  It’s a normal part of the autistic experience.  Suddenly it felt okay to be myself again.

So, those are just my thoughts on why I think it is so important for autistic people to share their stories and their experiences.  Anyway guys, thank you guys so much, and I’ll talk to you next week.  Bye!




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