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autistic lives coverOur Autistic Lives

Personal Accounts from Autistic Adults Around the World Aged 20 to 70+

Just over three years ago, at the age of 29, I was diagnosed autistic. When I was diagnosed the psychologist recommended a few books written by autistic authors and they set me on a positive path, after receiving this life changing information. I wish I could have been given this book 3 years ago and I am excited to be seeing it now. Our Autistic Lives is such an important book because it spans a wide range of autistic adults of with a variety of different life experiences.

The book starts with the stories of autistic young adults and then progresses until you are reading about autistic people in their 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. I reminisce about my twenties, as I read the words of younger generations. I related, and find comfort in reading the experiences of autistic people my age, and feel hope as I read the stories and wisdom of autistic elders, in their 70’s and beyond.

We needed this book. It’s important to remember that every single autistic person as a unique way of experiencing and interacting with the world. This book gives a, much-needed, broader picture of autism. I’ve never felt so seen.


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