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Hi guys, NeuroRebel here … and the wiener dog.  (Yes, I love you.  Can you be quiet while I talk in the video?  Can you be a good boy?)  Let’s see if he’ll be a good boy.

I was diagnosed autistic just before turning 30, and I went a good portion of my life not knowing – well, I knew … I knew I was different, and I knew I experienced the world in a different way, but I just kind of thought I was a freak or a weirdo or nobody would get it.

Then, when I was diagnosed autistic, I realized oh my gosh, a lot of these experiences are very common for other autistic people, and there’s something really comforting about that.

I should say that every autistic person is different and every autistic person’s experience is very unique, but there are just some things that are very common or are almost nearly universal when you start to interact with other autistic people, and it has just been magical.

I make videos because I was diagnosed, and then when I went on the internet after I had been reading the words of autistic people and I googled autism, what I found was in contradiction to the voices of autistic people.

It was very gloom and doom and really terrible, and there were just so many myths, like autistic people don’t have empathy and things like that … just really terrible things.  I didn’t want to accept it because I knew it wasn’t true, and so I started my blog to correct some of the misinformation and to share and teach about autism and neurodiversity.  And I haven’t talked about neurodiversity yet, so in this video I want to quickly explain what neurodiversity is.

In nature, there is diversity – biodiversity, diversity of species, diversity in the genetic gene pool – these things are generally thought of as good things and natural … you know, diversity.

In business, even now, statistics and business owners are starting to realize that companies that have more diverse employees are more successful because it brings more types of ideas and thinking to the table.

Neurodiversity is brain diversity and thinking style diversity.  This includes autism, ADHD, and some other things would be included in neurodiversity.  It’s not just autism; I want to make sure that is clear.  It says these other types of thinking are also valid, and they are just natural shades in humanity.  We should treat people who have different thinking styles with respect and help empower them to be the very best versions of themselves.

That’s neurodiversity in a nutshell.  Anyway guys, thank you so much for hanging out with me this week.  I hope you enjoyed my quick, short, summarized autism video.  If you enjoy them, please subscribe, and turn on the bell icon so you will be notified when the next one comes out.  I will talk to you later.  Bye!




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