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My-Autistic-Fight-Song_Draft-coverI needed this book right now—life-changing. My Autistic Fight Song by Rosie Weldon is a MUST READ for any autistic person who has ever struggled in the workplace. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND employers and leaders working with autistics in their workspaces also snag this book ASAP.

Autistic burnout is a common phenomenon in working autistics when we let non-autistics set the pace, and push ourselves too hard – sometimes until we break. This cycle can only be broken when we make our health and sensory needs a priority. We must learn to be bold if we want to thrive in a world that isn’t always set up for us.

An intimate look inside the mind of an autistic person, Rosie’s story shows the hidden truth that many autistic people know. How invisible our differences and struggles often are. I can’t praise this book highly enough!

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  1. Hi there! Thanks for the recommendation. I wanted to introduce myself as I come back to the wordpress community. I am autistic and I wrote a book called The Driveway Rules. It chronicles amongst other things my struggles with relationships as I grew up not knowing I was autistic. My blog shares excerpts from my book. My latest entry is a humorous entry involving pizza, a certain Whitney Houston song and a missed connection.

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