Night Time LED Hoop Stim Dance Flow

Warning – there are flashing lights in this video.

This past week David and I got to take it easy at one of our favorite beaches, over the long holiday weekend.

I’ve been feeling a bit worn down and burnout laity, but since learning that I was Autistic (almost 5 ago now), I now know the signs and have a better understanding of the work (or lack there of) that may be required for recovery.

Engaging in one’s passions can be a wonderful way for NeuroDivergent Humans to recharge their worn out batteries.

I’ve also found that engaging in regular movement and (stimmy) sensory flow activities (many of which were by hobbies for years long before ever learning that I was NeuroDivergent) have been amazing in helping me to regulate.

I’m convinced that me stopping these activities when I entered corporate America, years ago (because I had no time or energy at the end of the day) had a negative impact on my mental and physical health.

Here are some observations about myself, when I am getting more physical sensory activity:

Not that there’s anything wrong with stimming/fidgeting but I move less and am able to sit still more easily if I have been physically active. – Anyone relate?

I sleep better when I’ve been engaging in physical sensory activities.

My anxiety seems better if I have less extra energy in my body. I feel less amped up and more relaxed in general if I’m physically worn out.

I can use music to stimulate my energy levels (amp up myself or chill myself out) and my emotions (because I’m very sensitive to the music I am listening to).

Dancing and moving in an unchoreographed, spontaneous, stim flow sets me free, grounds me, and brings me into the present moment (where all the troubles of the past and worries of the future fade away).

Recently I’ve been getting back to what moves me, rhythm and flow arts (skate dance, hoop dance, poi spinning, flow wands, and yoga) because it makes me feel good.

Funny how good our instincts are, if we listen to them.

We’re now on our way home, after a weekend playing and recharging by the brown Texas alligator filled sea. Plenty to do by the water, because I was too scared to swim.

You had asked for more hoop videos, so here’s a nighttime shoot with the LED hoop. (Surprised the battery that’s now over 10 years old still working.)

Luckily David and I also both have a passion for photography and videography, so David helped me shoot this footage that I’ve edited for your stimmy viewing pleasure.

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Thanks for understanding the limitations of technology.


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With gratitude, Lyric

One thought on “Night Time LED Hoop Stim Dance Flow

  1. It’s fascinating how different lighting effects affect individuals. I found the LED hoop reasonably comfortable on the eye but better if I slowed the video to half speed. The LED ribbon didn’t bother me at all as it changed colour slowly. But what I did find triggering was the floodlights especially as they came into camera view. That sudden point of intense light is painful. I found myself flinching each time the light appeared.

    Camera cuts are also jarring especially if it’s of the same scene from a slightly different distance or angle. Camera fades do not have this effect. It’s why I’m unable to watch action movies or even films that have frequent camera cuts.

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