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The Need to Self Identify as NeuroDivergent

I have spent way too much time thinking about the mind fuck that is discovering you are Autistic late in life.

There are many ways that not knowing your brain works differently, or that peoples brains can work differently for most of your life can really mess you up.

With the world constantly pressuring you to be someone else, it can be difficult to shine brightly and authentically, especially if we feel there will be consequences in doing so, or if passing for NeuroTypical has been frequently rewarded throughout your life.

I know I, personally, lost touch with my most authentic self, in the years I thought I was NeuroTypical.

Learning the truth about my NeuroDivergence has brought me back to myself.

I am formally diagnosed but will always advocate for Autistic People to be able to self identify, because I understand how much privilege and luck was involved in discovering I was Autistic at the age of 29.

This information set me free, and helped me start living a more authentically NeuroDivergent Lifestyle. I’m playing to my strengths. I’m fullly accommodated, I am physically and mentally doing better with my health than I’ve ever done before.

In addition, poor and multiply marginalized Autistic People (a large percentage of Autistics) face more barriers to diagnosis.Just another reason that, despite having a formal diagnosis, I support self identified Autistic People.

I want that for all Autistics. Gatekeeping helps no one.


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With gratitude, Lyric

One thought on “The Need to Self Identify as NeuroDivergent

  1. Discovering my Autism at age 60, while learning to live in the default world sober, caregiving my father with dementia while going through a divorce, selling the house and finding new homes for my father and me … yes … this journey sucks the joy from my soul.

    I would have committed suicide by now if not for you my dear Lyric! Sharing your story saves lives. It saved mine!! Thank you.

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