Sensory Days

Sensory days – when the lights are brighter, sounds are louder, & smells are smellier than normal. Eighty nine percent of my Twitter followers agree that they have them. So let’s talk!

Don’t Be Afraid to Shine

Fear of giving speeches. A baby step for me is reading something I wrote. Today is a first, I am including audio for this short piece. Don’t be afraid to shine. You were born to sparkle. Refuse to let them hide your light. Be brave. Be bold. Sometimes you will be your own biggest obstacle.Continue reading “Don’t Be Afraid to Shine”

The Quiet Place – An Addiction to Solitude

I have a deep love for the peaceful quiet that only solitude can create. When the dogs are sleeping, and the only sounds I hear are birds chirping, my introspective mind comes alive.

The blank in between the interactions, where I can find my true self, uncluttered by the sounds and feelings of others. This is my chapel, my holy place, where I speak with my soul.

Let’s Talk About Mental Health

It is #mentalhealthawarenessweek – #mentalhealth is often overlooked despite its importance. Let’s talk about taking care of our mental health.

My “Obsessions” – Hobbies & Passions Over The Years

People’s hobbies say a lot about them. In this video, I talk about my “obsessions”, hobbies, and passions over the years.

Over the years my interests have been all over the place. I learned everything about dog training in the fourth grade, and even trained cats to run through obstacles in our back yard. Our cat Rini knows sit and shake – if she gets a good enough treat.