My “Obsessions” – Hobbies & Passions Over The Years

People’s hobbies say a lot about them. In this video, I talk about my “obsessions”, hobbies, and passions over the years.

Throughout my life, my interests have been all over the place. I learned everything about dog training in the fourth grade, and even trained cats to run through obstacles in our back yard. Our cat Rini knows sit and shake – if she gets a good enough treat.

I learned everything about dog training in the fourth grade, and even trained cats to run through obstacles in our back yard. Our cat Rini knows sit and shake (if she gets a good enough treat).

Animal psychology and then human psychology became my next big interests, perhaps because I craved to understand better the motivations of all the creatures around me. I find it ironic that animals often are more reasonable and easy to predict than most people. Is this a glitch in my perception or are humans really that irrational?

I joined the choir in the 6th grade and music was a big part of my life all though middle and high school. Solos, shows, and private voice instruction. I grew up convinced that music would be my life.

At the age of seventeen tragedy struck me. I was struck ill with flu and fever. Even after I had recovered the effects of the fever lingered.

The mystery illness took something very important to me – my voice. For about six months my voice was raspy and harsh when speaking. Singing was impossible for at least a year or two after the illness. My childhood dreams and all the music lessons were in the toilet.

I will always remember that, despite dropping choir and not being able to hit a single note, my choir director invited me to stand and lip sing with my friends. I jumped at the opportunity but found myself crying throughout the entire performance. The gesture meant a lot to me.

Even now my soprano I voice has become much more alto. The high notes are gone and I am not comfortable singing in front of people. I still love music and have been teaching myself piano and playing around with cover songs when my house is empty or I find myself alone in the car.

In the video, I forgot to talk about art. I drew nothing but anime for about 10 years starting at the age of 12. Being creative has always brought me joy – and healing whenever I get run down.

I still draw anime but try to be more flexible in what I draw. Also, I’ve always enjoyed creating digital art with the computer. Art is a great way to relax and unwind. Anybody else love coloring books?

Hooping (hula-hoop dance, sometimes with fire) led me to yoga. Yoga led me to meditation (& AcroYoga then Aerial Silks), meditation led me to Buddhism. Buddhism led me to mindfulness which brought me back to mental health and psychology.

These things have changed my life.

Learning to focus my mind and better comprehend how it works is the best thing I have EVER done for myself. I have more control and feel much calmer. Now that I understand myself (and even other people) better there is more peace and joy inside of me.

These are my “obsessions” the things that keep me up at night. I think they are pretty fun things.


2 thoughts on “My “Obsessions” – Hobbies & Passions Over The Years”

  1. theres a place in here where you say the part about your voice twice in the same words. which is hardly a big deal, but if you want to know, there it is. i like the article though. ive been doing digital art since the 80s. i have no confidence in other art, computers totally gave me something i couldnt enjoy doing it any other way. all that acrobatic stuff you do is beyond me. its really impressive. i didnt draw this, i wrote it:

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