June is PRIDE Month – Let’s Talk About Love

What do I think about gender, sexuality, and relationships? In honor of PRIDE month, I’ll talk about it. #LGBT #Pride

5 thoughts on “June is PRIDE Month – Let’s Talk About Love

  1. I’m bi. I make no bones about that. I’ve had both boyfriends and girlfriends over the years. I don’t flaunt it or rub it in people’s faces but it’s how I am.

    That said, at this point in time I prefer my singleness. It’s just easier and I’m not ready to date again. My last relationship (opposite sex) ended a little over three years ago. Haven’t been on a date since. It just takes a very special person to tolerate me and an even more special one to tolerate me long-term. I haven’t found that person yet and I might not ever. If it happens it happens, if not that’s OK with me too.

  2. I spent my elementary school years in a very diverse neighborhood so I also accepted all sexualities as normal, which they totally are! You’re absolutely right, love is love is love. Everyone should feel comfortable celebrating their love without worrying about haters!

  3. It’s a shame we live in a culture that feels the need to talk about various groups of people and identify them by sexual/gender preferences rather than simply identifying them as “quality people” (or not) we wish to associate with (or not.) Accepting people for who they are (as long as they cause no physical or mental harm) seems like such a simple task. Until we get over our own paranoia and fear of what we may not understand, the need to identify people will likely continue. Seems like a huge expenditure of energy that could be used for better choices.

    Thank you for sharing the video and how your mom raised you.

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