My Experience with Cafe Press

This past week readers on Facebook and Instagram asked if I had stickers with my logo for sale. The ones I had on hand were printed for personal use and I had not found a solution to sell them – yet.

I spent the weekend in a hyper-focused state, eyes glued to the computer screen as I dragged and clicked the items into place. Finally, after WAY too many hours in the same position, the Neurodivergent Rebel store was born!

My experience with Cafe Press – Check out the video for a few learning lessons.

Store –


5 thoughts on “My Experience with Cafe Press

  1. Most people would be too scared to go the direction you chose. I give you much credit for pursuing a potential opportunity. If it works, wonderful…If it doesn’t, it will be a learning lesson that can be applied to future life’s needs. It is a POSITIVE, either way.

  2. Wow, you were not kidding about a weekend spent in hyper-focus: that’s a giant collection of products and a lot of work to do on Cafe Press.

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