Getting Rid of Insomnia Naturally – My Personal Experience

I’ve had an interesting relationship with sleep my entire life. At one point I wondered if I would ever experience solid sleep in my lifetime. Finally, after thirty years I’m starting to get it right. Because I wish everyone a good night’s sleep, I’m sharing what worked for me.

14 thoughts on “Getting Rid of Insomnia Naturally – My Personal Experience

  1. wow! this is wonderful! never thought about the blue light – I just try to keep my room super dark. the not eating & not having caffeine, before sleep are great too. also, I try not to do work or watch news right before sleep. best to think of calm things …

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  2. I can’t agree more with your thoughts about blue light and restlessness. Here’s a great article explaining the science behind over stimulation of the brain by blue light in electronic devises from Scientific American And a piece from the Huffington Post, though not scientific about WiFi and restlessness We turn our WiFi off at night and that has helped a lot with my brain buzz. Informed by science, cooked by you.

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