Web Resources

A list of helpful websites.


Against The Stream Buddhist Podcast

Autism Women’s Network

Autistic Self Advocacy Network (ASAN)

International Aspergirl Society


Neurowonderful Blog & Neurowonderful on YouTube

Spectrum News

Spectrum Women Magazine 

The Art of Autism

Wrong Planet


This is a growing list. Please ADD SUGGESTIONS to the comments section below!

15 thoughts on “Web Resources

  1. Oral/eating/chewing sensations. I crunch ice cubes, have since a child, lollies, sorbet. frozen yogurt. Also like crunchy chips (British chips), as well as crunch other textures too….not just for nutrition, just for the texture/effect. Also like very fizzy pop because the burps feel so good. Is it a me thing or an autism thing?

  2. Also if you want there is an article link that I found called The Body Is Not An Apology – Radical Self-Love for Everybody …
    thebodyisnotanapology.com go to disability for options on what to read talks a lot about civil rights for disabled and autistic community

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