Cheap Sunglasses Stopped My Migraines

I’m not saying this will work for everybody but cheap tinted glasses from have changed my life. Doctor’s couldn’t help me but my amber glasses stop my chronic headaches/migraines caused by bad lighting/light sensitivity.

My glasses are amber, but some people like blue, pink, or green. Some may need darker glasses and others may only need a slight tinting. Please be aware you may go through SEVERAL pair of glasses before you find the ones that work for you – IF this works for you. It may not work for everybody.


24 responses to “Cheap Sunglasses Stopped My Migraines

  1. The sports glasses are quite good as they shade light entering from above and sides too. Some pairs are better than others. Because they fit over my prescription glasses it means my noise cancelling headphones don’t sit quite so snuggly over my ears.

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  2. After my seizures I had terrible headaches. I was wearing my husband’s dark glasses for a week and they did nothing. Then I used my daughter’s amber glasses and by the end of the day I was fine. So glad you posted this!

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  3. It’s called Visual Stress or Irlene Syndrome and accompanies many neurodivergents such as dyslexics and autistics. I had the chance of being assessed for it when I had my Dyslexia/Dyspraxia assessment, but I didn’t go for the specialised optician because in the UK it’s not funded and quite expensive. I’ve got however Celery Green overlays for reading white paper material and also have special computer screen overlay programs. It’s really amazing. It took my reading and computer use related headaches off 🤓🖖

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  4. Hooray! I prefer tinted lenses, and have been dismayed at the disappearance of my amber pair. I have an opthamology appointment on Thursday and you can bet I will be ordering my next pair with a tint. It helps with my headaches, too, as well as with my anxiety, actually! I get overloaded by bright lights, so muting that a bit really makes a difference.

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  5. Thanks for your post! I’ve looking for a cheaper option for these types of glasses. I have photophobia with my migraines. I hate all sorts of light. My mom comes over to my house and she complains about how dark it is haha Thanks again. I’m going to check it out right now.

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  6. This is great to know! How did you decide which color tint and percentage to try first? I’m sure it will be trial and error to find right one that works for me, but curious about how you got started.

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