Makeup & Self Confidence – Is YOUR Relationship with Makeup Healthy?

This week I do a naked faced video to talk about my roller coaster relationship with makeup.



3 thoughts on “Makeup & Self Confidence – Is YOUR Relationship with Makeup Healthy?

  1. Being male I obviously can’t relate to the makeup thing quite the same way but I get it somewhat. When I have the time and energy to apply it I do like to wear black eyeliner and shadow. I don’t do it as a way to conceal myself but just as a mode of self-expression along the same lines as my tattoos, piercings and short shorts/“Davy” Dukes.

    It’s a love hate relationship for sure. The feeling of it on my face usually doesn’t bother me but in these hot temps I don’t exactly like sweating it off so I’ve laid off recently. I’ll start doing it more when it cools back down somewhat and will probably apply it for the midnight screening of Rocky Horror on Saturday just because it fits.

  2. I love “the art of makeup” – I will make characters up for it or do things to emulate video game characters of mine. It’s pure fun and I do it when I have the spoons to.

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