Autistic Self Care – Weighted Blanket Relaxation & Anxiety Relief





I’m here on the couch under this weighted blanket. I am just taking maybe 10 to 15 minutes to just unwind and decompress. I have been in very stimulating environments frequently, and for prolonged periods of time fairly often recently, and I’m feeling a bit overstimulated.

It’s like too much energy is in my body; it feels horrible. And so, engaging in soothing activities is one way I regulate, so this is me taking a break and trying to slow my body down manually.

So, I’m going to lay here and close my eyes, and just take some deep breaths. Kinda like ya know, almost like meditation, in a way. Just make effort to calm and soothe myself.

Do you have any calming and soothing routines or rituals that you use to help unwind and slow yourself down if you find yourself moving a bit too quickly?

Let me know, because these strategies – we can always use more of them. Thank you, guys. I’ll talk to you next time.




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6 thoughts on “Autistic Self Care – Weighted Blanket Relaxation & Anxiety Relief

  1. I love being under my weighted blanket, especially if I have been environments that are too noisy or where there are so many people that I feel overstimulated.

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