Talking About My Buddhist Vows – Sentient Beings

A thought came to me about the vow I take every morning.


12 thoughts on “Talking About My Buddhist Vows – Sentient Beings

  1. To me that vow is a Bodhisattva vow of committing to saving all beings no matter how long it takes. 10,000, 1,000,000 years…life after life..moment to moment… non-stop. That’s quite a commitment.

  2. While I admire the vow, I would ask a question once asked of me.
    Which does more good, the writing of a book (or blog or video) or counseling the broken-hearted, comforting the grieving, feeding the hungry, clothing those without, visiting those in the hospital or in jail.
    I am not saying that blogging and such is worthless, but we need to be careful of distancing ourselves from relationships where we do more good. Sometimes the numbers seem to justify our distancing ourselves from people… but does that really help them, or us?

    Have a blessed day

    1. For me, meeting people face to face can be stressful and I have a hard time getting my point across clearly in an articulate manner. I am giving what I have to give and that is all some of us have.

      1. That was kind of a shitty comment in the first place. No one can judge effort. The only person that can determine the value of something is the receiver of it. We fumble a lot with people too – we know how you feel. Keep writing and blogging.

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