9 responses to “Self-care & Downtime

  1. Meditation!!! I recently only discovered meditation but since starting it I can’t see myself ever wanting to stop. I’ve learnt to let all of my stresses go and just be in the moment, breathing and visualising beautiful things. I use an app called Insight timer and honestly I feel so relaxed after meditating.

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  2. Fabulous video 🙂 and I absolutely agree downtime should be prepared for both the activity and length of time, a schedule have you will. Could I add two qualifications, all ‘tech’ must be switched off and you mustn’t lol sit in a chair and over think your problems for an hour, enjoy yourself. You missed one activity namely masturbation, I’m serious, Doctors tell us playing with ourselves is good for relaxation and importantly our mental health.

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  3. I unwind by journaling. Since I work four 10-hour days, I use my weekday off to take care of errands if I have any. Before, after, or instead of errands, I like to sit in a coffee shop for a while with a book or a laptop. Being anywhere by myself is relaxing!

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  4. Downtime is essential, and it’s a little hard to come by sometimes when you have two small children and a wife. I’m fortunate enough to be only working part-time now, so I get my downtime and relaxtion fix early in the day. Like you say, different people need different amount of downtime (or time alone). Even with my alone time during the day, I still need some at night. If I’m intentional and stick to a plan, I can make it happen, and everyone is happier because I’m happier. I have to be super attentive to my mood and thoughts, and if I need more time and space, I take it. Great video!

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  5. Yes! Really important to rest the mind for a little while each day. Our minds seem to appreciate non-digital relaxation in a different way from the stimulation of online games and chat. This is an important way to be kind to ourselves and to remind ourselves how valuable we are.

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