A Conversation with Amira Stanley about Autism Acceptance Month

I recently was invited by Amira Stanley (She/Her) to have a special conversation about Autism Acceptance Month. Check it out!

Topics for this video:

Why do Autistic People Hate Autism Speaks?

Are Autistic people more likely to be LGBTQIA+?

Why is Autism Acceptance better than Autism Awareness?

Is ABA bad for Autistic People?


This month’s C-UCC Rally is about autism acceptance . I had the pleasure of getting to know Christa!; They/Them pronouns. They spend their time teaching others about the experiences that other Neurodivergent individuals go through. I hope you gain more understanding about the beauty that is Autism. I realized during this interview, the ways in which I have labeled folks with autism as “poor them”. That is not the way I feel today, after having some education under my belt. Neurodivergent people are many things, and pity is not one of the one’s I choose to label them with. Spread the word, and continue becoming educated.

Be sure to check out Amira Stanley!

Amira Stanley She/Her
Mindfulness & Intention.
End of Life Doula. Anti-racism Student.
Minister of Justice & Witness @ C-UCC
“Let your MINDSET be your SUPERPOWER “

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