Habit-forming – The Art of Creating Good Habits

I am a creature of habit. I love my little rituals and routines. I am very aware of this and take advantage of my ability to form habits.


8 thoughts on “Habit-forming – The Art of Creating Good Habits

  1. I must have habits in my life because I have a disability that involved my memory abilities. Without a daily routine to follow, I probably would be quite confused.

  2. Like you I always had to do mornings early and same activities in the same order, arriving at work as the office opened at 7.30. I used to have a calendar in my head for the first 20 years of work, then in computer for next 10, now I’ve retired and we have a family diary – if it is not in the diary it does not happen! My routine is all now built round my tablets and treatments…

  3. Good post! Getting up early, morning devotions/prayer time, making bed and clearing sink/counter of dirty dishes (constant challenge with farm family working at home) help keep my day on track!

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