My Naked Face – 6 Weeks on the Keto Diet

I wouldn’t normally shoot a video without makeup intentionally. I had been waiting to shoot this one fresh-faced.

I’ve suffered from chronic acne since puberty. Now, after 6 weeks on the Keto diet, my skin has NEVER looked better.

I must say I feel a bit better in my own skin now.

22 responses to “My Naked Face – 6 Weeks on the Keto Diet

  1. Amazing!! You go, girl 😊 I love your naked, natural face. I bet it’s a reflection of how much better you feel inside, too? Radiant! Keep up the lovely work, my friend; you’re inspiring me to join you in a new transformation ❀️

    Cheers from S TX!
    ~The Silent Wave / Laina 🌟🌟

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  2. I can very much attest to the skin effects of being healthy on the inside!! I had acne for 11-12 years. Developed it at 13-14 and it had been a fact of life for me through the years. Everyone said “no problem, don’t worry, you’ll grow out of it; it’ll go away.” It never did. Not until I stopped eating a horrid diet and started eating fruits, vegetables, organic meats, organic milk, etc. Then “whoosh!” The acne cleared up. I was 25. And now I’m approaching 40 at the end of the summer, and people compliment me on my skin all the time! Lol. If only they had known/seen me then lol. This stuff really works; I know I’m preaching to the choir here, just offering encouragement to anyone else reading this who might need it. Neurodivergent Rebel is spot-on πŸ˜Šβ€οΈπŸ’ž

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    • After a while we learn to live with it. That is never the correct path. I am considering ditching foundation since I’ve always been able to feel it on my skin however the powder does protect drum sunburn since I am so pale.

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