What is Autistic Burnout? What CAUSES Autistic Burnout?

I don’t want to talk to anybody. I become total recluse. I have no energy. I become basically a zombie, like a hollow shell of myself, and I am just on autopilot. And basically in that burnout stage, I can manage to kind of keep my life coasting along, but I’m really only getting just the bare minimum things of life essentials done and life’s bare minimum. Continue reading What is Autistic Burnout? What CAUSES Autistic Burnout?

Neurodivergent Rebel – Learning How to Drive

I consider myself a mostly competent driver nowadays, but this wasn’t always the case. In fact, learning to drive was one of the most difficult things I’ve ever done. I needed my independence as a teenager.

I’ve never lived in a city where not having a car works. Even now, my job is several towns away from where I live. Learning to drive was the only way I could see myself getting the things I wanted – so I did it.

I had a bad habit of rear-ending people and backing-up into things when I first started to drive. My mother worried about me anytime I was out on the road (for good reason).

Now, at the age of 30, my main problem is “curb-checks”. Still a work in progress but better than I was yesterday. Continue reading Neurodivergent Rebel – Learning How to Drive

Fear & Anxiety – Do you know the difference?

Anxiety is on the rise globally. Many people, including some anxiety sufferers, may not know what anxiety is or how to deal with it.

It’s time we swallow our pride and start having these discussions. We need to talk about mental health. Continue reading Fear & Anxiety – Do you know the difference?

Filtered – My Sensory Experience

You are only experiencing the world through your own filter,
just like I can only view the world through mine.
We all have many ways to see.
There are differences between you and me.

Little noises in a quiet room. Did anyone else hear that sound?
There is a humming lamp and a high pitched screeching.
I look around at everyone sitting calmly, not a glance or a twitch.
No one else appears bothered, so my headphones come out. Continue reading Filtered – My Sensory Experience