Fear & Anxiety – Do you know the difference?

Anxiety is on the rise globally. Many people, including some anxiety sufferers, may not know what anxiety is or how to deal with it.

It’s time we swallow our pride and start having these discussions. We need to talk about mental health.


7 thoughts on “Fear & Anxiety – Do you know the difference?

  1. First I have to say, I love your hair and glasses… 🙂

    And secondly, I truly appreciate videos like these. It’s always good to put things in perspective and truly understand what it is you’re dealing with…well…not necessarily you-you, but you in general.

  2. My daughter has anxiety & panic attacks. She says that sometimes there is nothing “wrong”, her body just goes into panic mode. She uses medical cannabis to help control it. She also says that laughter helps her if she feels anxiety coming on. She’ll watch funny videos or play with my grandson; anything to get her brain to focus somewhere else. She also does deep breathing to try to calm herself.
    Anxiety is a serious mental health issues for a lot of people. Thank you for this post💖💐

  3. You’ve a lovely dog 🙂

    I’ve grown up with dogs since I was a child, I’d would love to own one of my own but circumstances and all that, maybe one day, yes one day 🙂

  4. Anxiety can be triggered by thoughts we are having and I have found that entering into a dialogue with anxious inner voices is a way to help yourself not spiral as deeply into it. It also helps me to stay with my breath and be speak in a calming and soothing way telling myself I am safe because those old feelings of feeling unsafe are deep imprints. When I do this I can often start to cry and anxious body symptoms disappear.
    I also strongly agree that getting into your body also really helps because anxiety is mainly a head process although that said if you have had body trauma residues of trauma charge can live in the body too and be triggered in present time at critical associated times and this is where you may need help via something like somatic experiencing which allows you to identify the past that is living in your body in stored vibration.

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