Let’s Talk About Bullies

I’ve had run-ins with quite a few bullies over the years. When I was younger they were more obvious.

Adult bullies are often better at hiding their negative intentions. They cheat, they steal, they lie. I’ve got no need for drama and trouble in my life.

Now, as I am getting older and wiser, I’ve learned to avoid bullies. How do I do this, by not allowing them into my life. I don’t care who you are – if you bring trouble and negativity my way, I can do without you.

Now, my life is a bully free zone and nobody can touch me!

(This was much harder to do in school.)

20 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About Bullies

  1. You’re right. Adult bullies may more successfully hide their intentions, but at least as adults we often have the skills to recognize a bully and counter the behavior–or avoid it. Children are ill-equipped to deal with bullies of any age. Some bullies can be changed through education (formal and informal). Sadly, some bullies will be that way all their lives, and as you say, they are to be avoided at all costs. Important post!

  2. Great post! It’s amazing how much calmer life is when you get the bullies out. In my case, it meant saying goodbye to many family members, but it was necessary for what sanity I have left. 😛

  3. You brought up a good topic. Something that brings home into my fragile heart.

    Must share true story.

    When I was little my next door neighbor bullied me, teased me, and physically hit me. Kindergarten was I think much worse. I had this close good friend who he was the only person to hang out with me and talk to me. Both him and I, would get physically bullied everyday 7 kids at the time. I cried to me mom that I never want to go back to school. From Kinder to 5th garde it kept on going. Finally, my mom fought my battle against these awful bullies. Now, the problem with this story is how our school administrations don’t give 2 shits about us victims, but yet they give a free pass to those bullies. Schools and I mean every school is a prison institution. It’s their play ground to democracy. It’s unfair, and injustice. Moving forward to middle school. The past of people that teased me and bullied me followed along. I felt more alone and yet I meant another new friend. Him and I, we’re the only outsiders from anyone else. The reason we got bullied or teased was because in the eyes of evil people we are looked as weak and easy targets. Did I forget to mention my next door neighbor? How could I forget, him and his friends picked on me everyday and next stopped. I had to deal with such pain & suffering from both middle school and my next door neighbor. People would call me out and humiliate me on varies things. They’d make fun of my uniform clothes. I always wear the same thing everyday, and the rest got away with wearing whatever they wanted. After the heartache of middle school, my friend and I, went our separate ways to different high schools. I was scared and afraid, but I can say that high school was pretty okay. The bullying somewhat stopped but not really. I got into skateboarding and met great friends along the way. However, some we’re backstabbers and liars. In other words their true colors showed right after high school. In general high school was good and bad…but I can honestly say it was alright. Graduating high school and forward. I thought college would be different and something new for a change. Unfortunately, college was never meant for me…and I slowly but surely started developing flash-backs, anxiety, nervous tics, & wanted to be alone. Back in 2001, my parents took me to see a psychologist. We spoke and he wanted to get to know me fully well. In the end, he said that I have (PTSD). Moving forward, he was right. I dropped out of college and I disliked everyone and hated the world. I started working and then worked in home to care for my grandpa who sad to say, he passed away this April 23rd. He had dementia/Alzheimer. He started to decline. The past is coming back to me and losing my grandpa has made it difficult for me to forget what everyone did to me and how no one should go through what I went through. Poetry, reading, music and being with my girlfriend. Helps me with anxiety and everything else. Sometimes anxiety kicks in and I start feeling depressed and want to lose hope in everything. My apologies if my true story is coming off as negative. I mean I have my moments we’re I want to give up and not be here anymore. But, I think about my family, girlfriend, poetry, & music. They bring hope in my heart and I start to feel strong and hopeful of mankind and planet earth. Life is beautiful and precious. I wish humans can fully realize the nature of things and don’t take them for granted. Family is wonderful and music is truth. Poetry is infinite, and my girlfriend is everything to me. She’s my world. 🙂

    Conclusion: I still wear the same clothing…except not a uniform but lots of black clothing. That’s all I really wear…I don’t wear any colors…black clothing to me stands for ‘Fuck Society’, and I don’t care what you think of me. It always describes in how comfortable I am wearing all black and plus, being a rebel. 🙂

    Hope you listened and understood who I am as a writer.

    My writing is weird in case you didn’t know…everything weird that I write is something I feel towards what’s happening around us, and everything I’m feeling. My poetry is always cryptic and with Easter eggs and messages behind what I’m trying to explain to the reader and want the reader to decode in what I am feeling without exposing my skin.

  4. I still don’t see bullying coming after nearly 60 years of experience at school and in the workplace. Now I’m retired and finally I can do as you say. Bully me once and you will never hear from me again!

  5. Pretty sure I’ve had more trouble with it in my adult life than I ever did as a kid…unbelievable at times. Maybe I’m just more oblovious to intention now…maybe I just want to be. Not quite sure why it keeps happening.

  6. I love this! I’ve always always always had bullies. And let me tell ya, it’s because you hold your head high, you’re beautiful, and you do your job WELL. People are jealous and you intimidate them. Insecure people are the bullies. You’re lovely. <3333

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