Two Minute Talks – Eat Like Crap Feel Like Crap

Continuing to push out of my comfort zone (I believe in testing and stretching out limits) – another video.

Eat good to feel good. I’ve tried a lot of diets, vegan, vegetarian, organic, raw, juice fasting, and now Keto. No matter what I eat I feel best when I do more healthy, raw, made from scratch, organic, whole foods. The Keto diet has been great for me but everybody is different. I do know we all should cut back on sugar.

3 thoughts on “Two Minute Talks – Eat Like Crap Feel Like Crap

  1. Keto is the only way of eating that hasn’t made me give up and binge on ALL THE SUGAR! I can’t imagine going back to my old way of eating ☺️

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