Zero to My Own Hero – The Evolution of Me

Over time I’ve changed, grown taller and wiser. My physical appearance, ways of thinking, and self-wort have all teetered back and forth, from one extreme to the other. Every experience is an opportunity for growth, if we are open, even the most difficult situations have the power to teach us something

A friend once said to me that she remembered that I “wasn’t good at anything” when we were kids. This week I talk about what’s changed over the years. Life hasn’t always been easy but I make the most of things.

Most importantly, I’ve gained more self-confidence through growing a better understanding of myself.

21 thoughts on “Zero to My Own Hero – The Evolution of Me

  1. I’m exactly the same way. Nothing has ever come naturally to me, be it simple everyday tasks as folding clothes to solving the most complex of problems in designing the most complex crane lift plans in my everyday job.

    I wasn’t good at much of anything either until I hit my early 20s. There was one particular turning point in my life. I’d always sort of dabbled with guitar (never very good at it) and occasionally I would go to an acoustic jam night at the brewpub in Pocatello (where I went to grad school). I was always content to just play a few “cowboy chords” as some guitar players call them as backup and always passed my turn to lead a song because, well, I couldn’t sing for shit. One of the other guys goes “I taught choir for years and I’ve never met anyone who was truly unable to sing, just try it.”

    So I did and of course, it was a nightmare. I’m sure everyone’s ears were numb after I tried to lead a song for the first time, but that’s when I started trying to sing at home with the radio and with the guitar with nobody within earshot. After about a month I found I could actually carry a tune reasonably well, went back to the next jam session and it was night and day. That defining moment was the turning point for me.

    Since then I have no qualms getting in over my head and wanting to learn and get good at things that interest me. Of course, singing in public is one of the things that makes one most vulnerable so it broke the ice and gave me the confidence to actively pursue things that don’t come easy to me but otherwise interest me. I can focus on something for extended periods and not wear myself out, so that’s a plus too, but yes, hardly anything comes naturally to me even still.

  2. Hi. Thank you for enjoying my blog. It’s great when people overcome problems and find courage to move on. So, let your light continue to shine. And come back to read more from my blogs. Take care now.

  3. “A friend once said to me that she remembered that I “wasn’t good at anything”…”
    A friend?
    No offence, NDR, but a friend would think thrice before saying such a monstrosity 👾
    Looking back, most of my “friends” would have said the same about me, because “anything” for them meant absolutely nothing for me, and when I tried to integrate, I always failed…
    I’ve ended up playing always alone, because none wanted to play my exquisite activities such as carving a “palace” inside a bush thicket where on shelves and niches I’ve displayed my growing collection of pebbles…
    When they came once in a while, they said I’m nuts and wrecked the place.
    Oh, and I’m so not sorry for never wanting to swap the French classics for their stupid football games…

  4. That’s really inspiring to me!Because I have low self esteem I tend to try something for a little while and if I don’t get immediate results I think I just suck at it and should give up. I’m going to follow your advice and try harder.Anyway, good on you for being successful now!Thanks for sharing.

    1. Also, try to surround yourself with things that make you feel your best. For me it’s positive quotes and getting rid of news. Really pay attention to your mental health and don’t allow people who damage it into your mind/life. Remember, it doesn’t actually matter what most people think of you – have fun and enjoy life.

      1. Yes I love reading positive quotes too!When I feel discouraged I have my positive speeches recorded on my phone and it really helps.As someone suffering from social anxiety, it is really hard to not care about people’s judgement but I do know I need to work on that!
        thanks xxx

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